SAQ 24dic.2015

SAQ 24dic2015

The Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton (Swedish: Varbergs radiostation i Grimeton) is a VLF transmission facility at Grimeton close to Varberg, in Halland, Sweden.

It has the only working Alexanderson alternator rotating armature radio transmitter in the world and is classified as a World Heritage Site.

If you want to know more about, you can check it at:

Today, 24th december 2015 the station was activated and I did some listening from my town Boretto, JN54gv.

Weather was pretty bad, 7°C, some fog and light rain!

However, signals were very, very good, loud and clear. Grimeton CW was almost 40dB out of noise and it was clearly possible to listen the residual carrier while keying-off. In general the propagation on VLW was very good, wuth the 3 russian Alpha rather loud.
Have a look to my little,  movie and.. Good Jul!!

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