My ham station

After many changes along the years, now I manage the following gears:

Rigs:     Purpose

  • Yaesu FT847     HF+50+Satellite
  • Yaesu FT817     SOTA, portable tests, IF for 1296MHz
  • Kenwood TR2500     2m portable
  • PRC6/6     6m portable
  • Kenwood TH72D     satellite portable, SOTA, APRS
  • Yaesu FRG9600     IF of 2.4GHz downconverter
  • Hammarlund SP600     HF general receiver
  • Home made RTX     Analogic ATV, 23/3cm
  • IC-R100     Satellite beacon monitoring
  • Fun Cube Dongle General purpose SDR
  • RTL usb dongle General purpose SDR
  • Elad FDM-S1 General purpose SDR

Band:     Type

  • HF     7m modified Mosley Devant Special with CG3000 automatic tuner
  • HF     R&S HFH EMI receiving antenna
  • 6m     Cushcraft AR6 ringo
  • 6-2m     MFJ GP (for mobile)
  • HF     set of mobile whip antenna
  • HF     5m “fishrod” antenna with AT2 automatic tuner, SOTA use
  • ATV 23cm     17 yagi
  • ATV 3cm     60cm offset dish + modified LNB
  • 2/70     dual band HB9CV for portable
  • 2/70     dual band magnetic whip for car
  • 1m home made shielded loop active antenna LF-HF monitoring
  • 1296 69 elements home made yagi

And here my laboratory-shack. Please forgive the endless mess..


100_8423 100_8424 100_8425


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